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Alumni News

Learn more about alumni from the Religion Department.

Exploring multiracial and interfaith America with alumni Professor Samira Mehta '00.

Alumni Professor Samira Mehta is featured in the Swarthmore Bulletin.

The Swarthmore Bulletin

Faith Lights The Way

Religion majors Erin Kast '15, Ailya Vajid '09, Mary Noland '69 and other Alumni reflect on hope and humanity in the wake of a year of tumult  (Winter issue of Swarthmore Bulletin)


Swarthmore's Department of Religion 50th Anniversary Celebration

 Alumni and  former religion faculty gathered on campus May 31 to celebrate the department's 50th anniversary

religion alumni group photo

Wendy Cadge ’97 is founder of the Chaplaincy Innovation Lab at Brandeis

"Spiritual care is the process of supporting and enabling people to articulate their values in difficult situations." 

The Swarthmore Bulletin

Religion Honors Major Dina Zingaro '13 Named one of the 2018-19 Frank 5 Fellows.

“Questioning accepted convention, so that the voices and narratives quieted by those in power are not silenced"
Zingaro is the Associate Producer of CBS 60 Minutes


Religion Major Joel Blecher '04 Finds Wisdom in Manuscripts' Margins

Blecher's early interest was ignited as a religion major at Swarthmore, where professors including Steven Hopkins and Tariq al-Jamil helped him make his first trip to Syria.