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Course Majors


  • Complete eight advanced courses or seminars numbered 14 or above for a minimum of 8 credits. Note that AP and IB credits will not count toward the major. FREN 16 can only count once to fulfill the major's requirement.  French and Francophone Studies also offers courses in French literature in translation, but no more than one such course may count to satisfy the requirements in the major.
  • Foreign study is required for all majors. See the Study Abroad section for pre-approved programs and rules on transfer of credit.
  • Take one advanced course with a Francophone component.
  • Take Senior Capstone (FREN 091) in spring semester of senior year. This includes the writing of an original, independent research paper of 30 pages on a topic chosen in discussion with the senior colloquium professor and advisor or one other professor in the program. The defense of the paper with the entire French and Francophone faculty takes place at the end of the spring semester.

To graduate with a major in French and Francophone Studies, you must have a grade average of C or better within the discipline, have studied in a French-speaking country, and have completed our culminating exercise, described above.

Culminating Exercise: Thesis

The culminating exercise in French and Francophone studies consists of completing FREN 091, Senior Capstone in which you will write an independent research thesis of 30 pages and defend it in front of a panel of faculty members.

Acceptance Criteria

To be accepted as a course major, you must have taken FREN 14 or the equivalent, earning grades no less than a C.

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