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Guest Artists

The (24-Hour) Bald Soprano, Directed by Alex Torra 

Swarthmore's rich alumni, faculty, and staff connections provide our theater students with unique opportunities to work with professionals in many different fields. Each year we are able to bring in artists from Philadelphia and beyond to enliven our productions and offer unique opportunities for our students.

Recent Guest Artists include... 

Shavon Norris, Artist, Educator & Performer
Alma Richeh, Musician & Conductor 
Rachel Camp, Actor & Musician
Madeline Charne '14, Dramaturg 
Vanessa Ogbuehi, Theater Maker & Director 
Iris McCloughan, Artist & Writer
Taj Rauch, Media Artist 
Michał Zadara '99, Theater Director & Set Designer
Eva Steinmetz, Theater Director
John Jarboe, Artistic Director of The Bearded Ladies Cabaret 
Pax Ressler, Theater & Music Artist 
Anthony Martinez-Briggs, Theater Artist & Rapper with ILL DOOTS

Past Guest Artists include... 

Joseph Chaikin, founder of The Open Theater
Ben Brantley, New York Times Theater Critic
Charles L. Mee, Playwright 
Richard Schechner, editor of TDR & a founder of Performance Studies

Anisa George,  Director & founder of George & Co. 
Rebecca Kanach, Costume Designer 
Rebecca Wright,  Director & co-founder of Applied Mechanics
Jill Harrison, Director & founder of Directors Gathering
Jorge Cousineau, Theater Designer 
Emmanuelle Delpech, Actor, Director & Educator 
Adrienne Mackey '04, Assistant Professor at UW and founder of Swim Pony
Sarah Sanford '99, Theater Artist & Teacher
Lars Jan '00, founder of Early Morning Opera
Troy Herion, Emmy-winning Composer for Film & Live Art
Kym Moore, Dean of the Ira Brind School of Theater Arts at University of the Arts
Maria Shaplin, Theater Designer
Whit MacLaughlin, founder of New Paradise Laboratories
Kate Watson-Wallace, Choreographer
... and more!