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Writing Courses in Theater

Over your time at Swarthmore, you will need to take at least three courses that have been designated as Writing Intensive courses. Writing-intensive courses are designed to help students grow as writers in particular disciplines. These courses are "Writing" or "W" courses, and are designated as such in both the catalog and the course schedule.

To meet the Writing Requirement, a student must:

  • Complete at least three Writing courses or Writing seminars, and those three must include work in at least two divisions.
  • Students are advised to complete two Writing courses in the first 2 years.

The following courses in the Theater Department are designated as Writing Intensive: 

THEA 001 - Theater and Performance 
THEA 015 - Performance Theory and Practice 
THEA 021A- Fundamentals of Dramaturgy 
THEA 106 - Theater History Seminar
THEA 121- Dramaturgy Seminar

If a course does not appear on this list, it will not count towards fulfilling your Writing course requirement.