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Student Activities

Swarthmore Association for Marginalized Students in Economics (SAME)

Swarthmore Association for Marginalized Students in Economics (SAME) is an organization for underrepresented students in the department to build community. We host study halls and study breaks, speaker events, and social activities for students from underrepresented genders, races, and other identities. We aim to uplift each other to improve the experience of these students within Economics. Connect with us through Instagram, Facebook, or email to

180 Degrees Consulting Swarthmore

The Swarthmore College branch of 180 Degrees Consulting provides high-quality consulting services to socially conscious non-profits.  In addition to assisting these organizations, we aim to encourage a sense of social responsibility among Swarthmore students and to provide opportunities for professional experience in consultancy. Visit the website to learn more

 Swarthmore QuizBowl

The Swarthmore QuizBowl team participates in several economics-focused events each year, giving economics majors an opportunity to practice economics and finance trivia and meet peers from other institutions.  The team organizes charity fundraisers, helps people audition for TV shows like Jeopardy, and participates in 5-10 trivia tournaments a semester focusing on both economic and non-economic topics.  Swarthmore QuizBowl meets every Sunday at 3pm.  Questions can be directed to Martin Rakowszczyk.


To list your own economics-related student group here, please contact the department chair.