Tenure Standards

Tenure Standards
Economics Department
Swarthmore College

Promotion to associate professor with tenure

Excellence in both teaching and scholarship is required for tenure in the Economics Department.

The candidate will have taught classes at all levels of the curriculum. This includes both classroom settings and seminars. Assessment of the quality of teaching will be based on letters from students and course/seminar materials such as syllabi or reading lists. Evidence of curricular and/or pedagogical innovation, intellectual depth, analytical rigor, and accessibility of subject matter will be highly valued.

The candidate will have established an active research program that extends beyond the candidate’s dissertation. Peer-reviewed refereed publications are an important component of the candidate’s research portfolio. Because we are a liberal arts college, the rate of scholarly production is necessarily conditioned by the responsibility that teaching is of the highest quality. Assessment of the candidate’s portfolio will be based on letters from external and internal reviewers. Evidence of expertise within or across fields, theoretical or empirical skill, and the potential for future growth and development as an active scholar will be highly valued.

Service to the Department and the College is expected. Assessment of the candidate’s service will be based on letters from members of the College community within and outside the Department. Evidence of engagement with and contribution to the College community will be considered.