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Sam Hayes Research Grant

The Samuel Hayes III Research Grant, established in 1991 through the generosity of members of the Swarthmore Alumni in Finance, honors the contributions made by Samuel L. Hayes III '57, former member of the Board of Managers and the Jacob Schiff Professor of Business at the Harvard Business School. The award provides support for student summer research in economics.


Year Student Name Research Topic
2017 Andrei Boiko '19 and David Xu '18  
2016 Tony Trung Trinh '17 "Firm Responses to Trade Policies and Environmental Regulations - Evidence from Vietnam."
2015 Paul Green '16 and Laura Rigell '16  
2014 Kassandra Sparks '15  
2013 Suhwan In '15 and Myung Jun Kim '15  
2012 John McMinn '13  
2011 Not Awarded  

Kun Hee Kim '11
Philip Yeres '11

"Macroeconomic Fluctuations and Poverty."

"Foreign Direct Investment and the Environment."

2009 Tuan Dung Mai '11 "Impacts of Rising Food Prices on Poverty in Vietnam."
2008 Ishan Irani '11 "A Study of Unilever's Investment Decisions in ECOWAS Economies: Understanding the Investment Potential of the ECOWAS Market."
2007 Cristian Nunez '09 The Landing & Consolidation of US & UK Cigarette Companies in Buenos Aires
2006 Brian Chen '07 Understanding Globalization: U.S. Foreign Direct Investment in The Netherlands
2005 Not Awarded  
2004 Not Awarded  
2003 Jordan Rosen '05 and Dan Yue '05 Electronic Voting Machine Research and Prototyping
2002 Laura Damerville '03 Study of the business economics involved in running Philadelphia's museums and galleries.
2001 Olga Rostapshova '02 Study investment behavior under uncertainty and its implications for the design of environmental policy.
2000 Marvin Barron '02 Study the costs and benefits of the expansion of multinational corporations in less-developed countries and will consider the policy implications of his findings.
1999 Anya Frieman '00 Investigate the business responses to welfare reform.
1998 Abigail Salerno '99 Explore the use of nostalgic imagery in advertising for computer products.
1997 Richard Okello '98 Research on the role of stock markets in predicting and promoting economic development - a case study of Uganda.
1996 Jonathan Kiang '97 Research on the Microsoft Corporation - Benevolent Leader and Malevolent Monopoly.
1995 Olushola Abidoye '97 Portfolio Diversification Through Investment in Emerging Markets: Risks and Returns.
1994 Elliott B. Sulcove '96 Working with faculty at the Univ. of Pittsburgh and members of the Smithsonian Institute will study the business, economic, political, and social facets of the Johnstown area, investigate the history of the Cambria Iron Works and participate in the founding of a local museum that focuses on the many aspects of the plant.
1993 Ruth Lieu '94 Study labor-management relations in US owned and joint-venture firms in China.
1992 Jennifer Besanceney '94