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Somayyah Siddiqi '02 Economics Research Fellowship

This fellowship was established in honor of Somayyah Siddiqi '02 and supports student research in the field of economics in the Muslim world with a focus on the welfare of women.

Year Student Name Research Topic
2016 Fatima Boozarjomehri '17  
2015 Not Awarded  
2014 Leo Rayfiel '15 and Haydn Welch '15  
2013 Taryn Englehart '15  
2012 Not Awarded  
2011 Not Awarded  
2010 Not Awarded  
2009 Kei Wen Bettina Tam '10 Summer Intern at "Media Women Forum" in Sanaa, Yemen.
2008 Not Awarded  
2007 Emily Robbins '07 "Class, Gender, and the Sacred Space for Syria's Muslims."