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Clair Wilcox Lecture

Clair Wilcox

Clair Wilcox

This lecture honors Clair Wilcox who was on the faculty of the College from 1927 to 1968 and chaired the Department of Economics for 37 years. Professor Wilcox was a distinguished economist who authored six books and, perhaps most notably, chaired the International Trade Conference, which led to the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT), the predecessor of today's World Trade Organization (WTO).


Previous Clair Wilcox Lectures

Date Speaker Topic
11/30/23 Samuel Kortum, Yale University "Carbon Policy in a Multi-Country World"
10/18/22 Caitlin Knowles Myers "Forecasts for a post-Roe America."
3/16/22 Trevon Logan "The Sins of Economic History."
11/7/2019 Paul Goldsmith-Pinkham '07, Yale University "Gender Representation in Economics Across Topics and Time: Evidence from the NBER Summer Institute."

Clyde Prestowitz '63, Economic Strategy Institute and
Douglas Irwin, Dartmouth College

Debate on "Free Trade Versus Economic Nationalism"
10/24/16 Jeffrey Frankel '74, Harvard Kennedy School "TPP, Trade, Inequality and the Election"
10/28/15 Rishi Goyal '95, International Monetary Fund "Reflections on the Greek Crisis."
11/4/14 Ross Levine, University of California at Berkeley "In Defense of Wall Street."
4/9/14 Maurice Obstfeld, University of California, Berkeley "Financial Globalization and Financial Crises."
11/13/12 Cecilia Rouse, Dean, Woodrow Wilson School of Public and Int'l Affairs, Princeton University "Financial Incentives and Educational Investment: The Impact of Performance-Based Scholarships on Student Outcomes"
10/18/11 Mark Duggan, Professor of Business and Public Policy at the Wharton School and a Research Associate at the NBER "The Economics and Politics of Health Care Reform in the U.S."
3/24/11 Antoinette Sayeh '79, Director of the African Dept. of the International Monetary Fund "The IMF's New Partnership With Africa"
3/22/10 Andrew K. Rose, University of California, Berkeley "Causes and Effects of the 2008 Financial Crisis"
2/11/09 Douglas A. Irwin, Dartmouth College "The Genesis of the GATT"
4/17/08 Barry Eichengreen, University of California, Berkeley "The Subprime Mortgage Crisis in Historical Perspective"
10/28/04 Martin Wolf, Financial Times Associate Editor & Chief Economics Commentator "The Future of Globalization: Threats and Opportunities"
10/22/03 F. M. Scherer
"The Microsoft Monopolization Case"
4/3/02 Christina Paxson '82
"Orphans in Africa"
4/2/01 Susan M. Collins
Georgetown & Brookings
"Globalization and American Workers: Issues, Evidence and Implications"
11/10/99 Claudia Goldin
"Career and Family: American College Women Across the Past Century"
4/12/99 Peter Kenen
"What's Wrong With the International Financial Architecture?"
2/26/98 Henry Aaron
Brookings Institution
"The Siren Song of Social Security Privatization"
2/6/97 Paul Portney
President, Resources
for the Future
"Why Are Economists Messing Around with Environmental Policy?"
4/1/96 Susan Rose-Ackerman
"Bribes and Gifts"
4/18/95 Sidney Winter '56
Univ of Pennsylvania
"Industry Evolution and Economic Growth"
4/7/93 Gerald Jaynes
"Economics of the Urban Underclass"
11/3/93 Ronald Jones
Univ of Rochester
"The New Protectionism and The Nature of World Trade"
3/10/92 Irma Adelman
Univ of CA, Berkeley
"Institutions, Economic Development, and the Environment"
4/4/91 Frank Levy
Univ of Maryland
"Education and the US Economy: What the Country Needs"
3/22/90 Joseph Stiglitz
"The New Keynesian Macro Economics"
4/11/89 James Tobin
"The 1980s Recovery: Demand-side Success, Supply-side Failure"
11/3/88 Anita Summers
Univ of Pennsylvania
"Are Big Cities on the Way Out? - the Philadelphia Story"
4/15/85 Peter Temin
"The TELPAK Tariff: Genesis of the Bell System Breakup"
3/14/84 Ann F. Friedlaender
4/18/83 Peter Diamond
Social Security
11/15/81 Albert Fishlow
"Trade for the Developing and Industrialized Countries"