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Math/Stat Student Profiles

Here are some thoughts from our current majors:


Atesh Camurdan '24

"Focus on developing good friendships and relationships with others. Ultimately positive and healthy relationships are the key to happiness."

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Sarthak Harjai

Sarthak Harjai '24

"Take courses because you want to take them, not because you need to!"

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Randall Johanningsmeier

Randall Johanningsmeier '24

"If you didn't like your traditional calculus class, try taking a more abstract course like Modern Algebra, Number Theory, or even Real Analysis before you make a judgment about math as a whole."

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Ethan Jones

Ethan Jones '24

"My best advice to an incoming student is to be patient with yourself, the jump from high school to the academic rigor of Swarthmore can be a hard adjustment to make but it is definitely possible but it takes time to get used to. Don't be too hard on yourself."

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Nancy Vu

Nancy Vu '24

" Don't let yourself be dissuaded by the limits of what you think you are capable of and pursue what excites you the most. When you feel lost, your passion and the help of those around you who can recognize your efforts will help you carry through."

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David Yang

David Yang '24

"Reach out to others -- whether that's your professors, classmates, the Pirates, or the Clinicians -- everyone wants to help and see you succeed."

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