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Math/Stat Student Profiles

Here are some thoughts from our current majors and minors:


Quinn Basewitz '23

"At this point, I’m more interested in the ways I can use math and stat to study education and social issues. Having a quantitative background is already allowing me to bring these skills to areas I care about."

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Brooke Coneeny '23

"The biggest piece of advice I would give to incoming freshmen would be to take advantage of office hours and math clinics. They are great ways to get help on problem sets while also meeting more people within the department."

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Andrew Harsh

Andrew Harsh '23

"My advice is to remember that math eventually becomes difficult for almost everyone. If you find yourself struggling with the math in front of you, please remember that you are a normal person experiencing what it is actually like to do mathematics; you are also surrounded by peers, professors, and student TAs whose lives will be brightened by talking about your difficulties with you. "

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Linnea Holy '23

"Real analysis really empowered me to ask questions: to ask dumb questions, to ask small questions, to ask anything. Since then, I’ve sat in econ seminars where something has been discussed that, because I’d gotten a good perspective from analysis, I just knew was confusing to most people in the room. So I felt absolutely no qualms raising my hand and asking the question, and then I was able to understand the answer far more easily, and quickly and turn around and explain it in depth to a confused and friendly soul sitting behind me."

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Sherry Huang '23

Sherry Huang '23

"Try and support all the wonderful student groups in math! My personal favorite is Gender Minorities in Math & Stat (GeMs in Math & Stat), but there's a number of other lovely groups that do a lot to try and support students, such as Black in Math & Stat (BiMS), Math & Stat Student Advisory Council (MSSAC), and Out in STEM (oSTEM)"

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Jacqueline Acunto

Jacqueline Acunto '23

"Even if you don't find yourself needing to take a math class, it can be super helpful for developing problem-solving and analytical skills, as well as attention to detail."

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Miles Dyke '23

Miles Dyke '23

Cultivate your love for mathematics, and let that carry you.  Math YouTube is a beautiful place.

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