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Teaching Certification

Swarthmore offers teacher certification in mathematics through a program approved by the state of Pennsylvania and administered by the College's Educational Studies Department. Such certification can be easily transferred to many other states.  In additional to meeting the general certification requirements, students seeking certification in mathematics have two choices. Either they complete a mathematics major and must include among their electives:

  • one semester of computer science (CPSC 021);
  • one semester of discrete mathematics (Math 029, 059, 069, or 079);
  • one semester of geometry (Math 055 or 075);
  • one semester of statistics or probability (Stat 011, 031, 061, or 111, or MATH 105)

or they do a special major in mathematics and education. Such a major must include seven courses in mathematics, including MATH 063 or 067, one other course numbered over 044, and a mathematical education thesis. More details can be found here and from the Educational Studies Department.

Either way, students seeking certification are strongly advised to take further mathematics or statistics courses emphasizing modeling and applications and/or to take at least one course in the natural or social sciences in which mathematics or statistics is significantly used. They are also highly encouraged to work as a tutor in the math clinic or to do individual tutoring for a semester. To receive certification, a student must receive a grade of C or better in all mathematics courses.