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2020-2021 Schedule

The Swarthmore College Department of Mathematics and Statistics invites you to join us for Colloquium talks.

Date Speaker Title (click to see flyer and abstract)
Sep 15

Emma Benn '04
Center for Biostatistics and Dept of Population Health Science and Policy, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

Kickoff Lecture and Q&A:

(video recording)

Oct 12

Ursula Whitcher '03
Associate Editor at Mathematical Reviews, American Mathematical Society

"Connect with Alumni"
Oct 13 Math/Stat Department Speed Networking Event, Swarthmore College

Vitual Speed Networking

Nov 10

Kathryn Mann

Department of Mathematics, Cornell University

Kitao Lecture:

Groups and Transformations

(video recording)

Nov 13 Math/Stat Summer Experiences Panel, Swarthmore College

Math/Stat Summer Experiences Panel
(video recording) 

Math/Stat Research Slides

Nov 17 & 20 Math 97 presentations/Q&A, Swarthmore College

Senior Conference Presentation Q&A Sessions

Jan 13

Kristian Lum
University of Pennsylvania

Fairness, Accountability, and Transparency: (Counter)-Examples from Predictive Models in Criminal Justice

(video recording)

Jan 22

Federico Ardila
San Francisco State University & Universidad de los Andres

Geometry, Robots, and Society

(video recording)

April 1 & 8 Math/Stat Career Panel

Math/Stat Career Panel

Part 1:   (video recording)
Part 2:  (video recording)

April 16 An Afternoon on Math & Stat Grad School

Department Info Session/Alumni Panel

Part 1: Department Info Session (video recording) 

Part 2:  Alumni Panel (video recording) 

Info Session/Alumni Slides

April 21 & 23 Professor Sarah Koch
University of Michigan 
Dresden Memorial Lecture

(video recording)
July 22 Summer Research Showcase