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2021-2022 Schedule

The Swarthmore College Department of Mathematics and Statistics invites you to join us for Colloquium talks. Unless otherwise specified, the Math/Stat Colloquium will be held in Science Center 199 (unless otherwise noted), Tuesdays 4:30-5:30 (with refreshments at 4:15).

Date Speaker Title (click to see flyer and abstract)
Sep 14

Alexander Diaz-Lopez

(Villanova University)

Kickoff Lecture and Q&A
SC 101

Oct 5

Tarik Aougab

Determining covers from simple closed curves 

(video recording)

Oct 26

Daniel Krashen
(Rutgers/U Penn)

Kitao Lecture
SC 101
Nov 8
Rylee Lyman
Feb 10 Eugenia Cheng
(School of the Art Institute of Chicago)
Cooper Lecture
April 26 & 27 Susan Ellenberg
(U Penn)
Dresden Memorial Lecture