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2019-2020 Schedule

The Swarthmore College Department of Mathematics and Statistics invites you to join us for Colloquium talks. Unless otherwise specified, the Math/Stat Colloquium will be held in Science Center 199 (unless otherwise noted), Tuesdays 4:30-5:30 (with refreshments at 4:15).

Date Speaker Title (click to see flyer and abstract)
Sep 10

Pamela Harris
(Williams College)

A Mathematical Journey of Culture, Community, and Collaboration
(SC 101) 
Sep 24

Holley Friedlander
(Dickinson College)

Arithmetic of Apollonian Circle Packings

Oct 1

Ami Radunskaya

(Pomona College)

Of Mice and Math: mathematical models in medicine

Oct 8 Phil Gressman
(Univ. of Pennsylvania)
How Big Can It Be? Some Challenges of Size in Fourier Analysis
Oct 21-22

Francis Su
(Harvey Mudd College )

Dresden Memorial Lecture

I. Mathematics for Human Flourishing
II. Voting in Agreeable Societies

(SC 101)

Oct 29 


Steven Rapkin
(Securities and Exchange Commission)

Ponzi Prevention: Using Statistics to

Uncover Investment Fraud

Nov 26  

Math 97 Poster Session  (location TBA)