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2015-16 Schedule

The Swarthmore College Department of Mathematics and Statistics invites you to join us on Tuesdays for Colloquium talks. Unless otherwise specified, the Math/Stat Colloquium will be held at:

  • Location: Science Center 199 (unless otherwise noted)
  • Time: Tuesdays 4:30–5:30 (refreshments served at 4:15)


Date Speaker Title (click to see flyer and abstract)
Sep 15 Phil Novack-Gottshall
(Benedictine University)
Finding order in complex data: Diverse biological applications using classification trees
Sep 22 Daniele Grandini
(Virginia Commonwealth University)
A First Introduction to the Theory of Geometric Structures
Oct 6 Moon Duchin
(Tufts University)
Coloring in Space
Oct 20 Jesse Walker

Ordinary Math in the Everyday World
(slides for the talk available here)
Special location: SC 183

Oct 27 Neil Epstein '98
(George Mason University)
What's in a polynomial (or power series)? A partial history of the notion of `content', from 1801 to 2014
Nov 10 Math/Stat Dept Summer Research Opportunity Fair (Science Center 158)
Nov 17 Louis Deaett
(Quinnipiac University)
Vector coloring graphs with symmetry
Nov 24 Math/Stat Dept Math 97 Poster Session
(2:30pm, SC158 and Math/Stat Lounge)
Dec 7-8 Bryna Kra
(Northwestern University)
2015-16 Dresden Lectures:
I. Patterns and Disorder
II. Periodicity and Complexity
Mar 15

Topology Film Festival I
Location: SC 101

Regular Homotopies in the Plane
The Shape of Space

Mar 29 Topology Film Festival II
Location: SC 101
Turning a Sphere Inside Out
Space Filling Curves
Apr 5 Topology Film Festival III
Location: SC 101
Outside In
Not Knot
Apr 12 Karen Lange
(Wellesley College)

Climbing (or Finding Paths) through Trees

Apr 15

Harshil Sahai '15
Location: SC 158, 3:30pm

2015 Brinkmann Prize Lecture (special day and time, 3:30pm)
Utility Theory: The Mathematics of Shopping
Apr 19 John Meier
(Lafayette College)

Simple Machines, Thurston Paper, and Hyperbolic Geometry

Apr 26 Keith Devlin
(Stanford University)
2015-16 Kitao Lecture:
Leonardo of Pisa and the First Personal Computing Revolution
May 3 David Grabiner
(New York Yankees)

(special time 3:00pm, special location SC 101)
Statistical Techniques for Analyzing Defense in Baseball