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Gender Minorities in Mathematics and Statistics (GeMs)


Gender Minorities in Mathematics and Statistics is a Swarthmore student-run club and a registered Association for Women in Mathematics (AWM) student chapter. GeMs in Math & Stats' goal is to provide a welcoming space for people of gender marginalized identities interested in math and statistics, and to make the Math/Stat Department more open and accessible to all students by hosting events throughout the semester.

Learn more: If you are a current student or faculty/staff member and would like to be added to our email list, please contact Janet Barkdoll.


2020-21 Officers:

Faculty Advisor: Suzanne Thornton

  • "Connect with Alumna": Colloquium by Dr. Ursula Whitcher’03
    Time: 3:30 PM Eastern Time on Monday, October 12, 2020

  • Pedagogy Workshop with Professor Ben Geller: a workshop pertaining to STEM pedagogy and how it impacts women+ in mathematics and statistics. 

  • Math/Stat Study Sessions

  • More "Connect with Alumna" Talks (in business, academia, government works, etc)

  • Movie Night Hangouts: our proposed movies include - The Hidden Figures, Agora, Picture A Scientist, and more. If you have any recommendations, feel free to email us


Kickoff Lecture and Q&A (Sept. 15)

Emma Benn '04

Center for Biostatistics and Dept of Population Health Science and Policy

Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai



(video recording)


Philadelphia Regional Institute for STEM Educators (PRISE) is hosting a speaker and panel series 
An Inside-Out Approach to Equity in STEM

We are taking a systems view of examining how individual identity and organizational culture contribute to activities and impacts which are grounded in producing equitable outcomes for STEM learners. We call this an Inside-Out approach because this ultimately is about Cultural Proficiency which, according to Randall Lindsey is “to be applied to both organizational practices and individual behavior” (Cultural Proficiency: A Manual for School Leaders 4th ed., 2019). Over the three sessions we have assembled an impressive line-up of contributors from the Philadelphia region that represent K-12, higher education, and organizations that support STEM education. During each session, one of the speakers will give an overview of the topic at hand and then will join a panel that will be moderated by Muriel Fox Alim from the National Math and Science Initiative.  The audience will have an opportunity to ask questions during a Q&A period at the end. Although each session stands alone, it is recommended that you attend all three to experience the full impact of the series.  

Registration is required.  To register for any or all of the events, please go to HTTP://BIT.LY/PRISE_EQUITYSERIES
For more information go to
Bonnie Hallam, Program Coordinator, PRISE,


Do you love problem-solving and puzzles?

For example, draw concentric circles with alternating black and white regions between circles. How would you find the ratio of the total area of the black regions to the area of the circle of radius? What aspects of the circles would you have to consider?
(Example based on a 2014 Putnam question)
Did you know that there are tips and strategies that you can learn to help you approach and tackle these types of problems?
Would you like to talk about being a woman or a non-binary person in problem solving? Or would you like to talk about inclusion within the problem solving community?

"My journey with problem solving began with a geometry problem. Only knowing the five Euclidean principles, I started with the hypothesis and with small steps, I reached an ambitious conclusion and ended up with a beautiful proof. I was so excited! Since then, math gave me the voice and the space in which I could not only avoid subjective discriminatory thoughts about women’s intellectual abilities but also prove them wrong." - Sara Asgari, W+iMS Board Member
Resources - We recommend checking out these websites: 

AWM research-networks
AWM women do math