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2016-17 Schedule

The Swarthmore College Department of Mathematics and Statistics invites you to join us on Tuesdays for Colloquium talks. Unless otherwise specified, the Math/Stat Colloquium will be held at:

  • Location: Science Center 199 (unless otherwise noted)
  • Time: Tuesdays 4:30–5:30 (refreshments served at 4:15)
Date Speaker Title (click to see flyer and abstract)
Sep 13 Frank Morgan
(Williams College)

The Isoperimetric Problem in Spaces with Density

Sep 27 Gregor Kovacic
(Rensselaer Polytechnic)

Mathematical Descriptions of Simple Brain Processes: Successes and Pitfalls

Oct 4 Heidi Goodson
(Haverford College)
Elliptic Curves over Three Fields

Oct 18

Darren Glass
(Getttysburg College)
Chip Firing on Graphs with Automorphisms
Location: Science Center 101
Nov 15 Melanie Hopkins
(American Museum of Natural History)
Studying Evolution in the Fossil Record Using Shape Analysis
Nov 22 Math/Stat Dept Math 97 Poster Session
(2:30pm, SC158 and Math/Stat Lounge)
Nov 29 Henry Cohn
(Microsoft Northeast)
2016-17 Kitao Lecture:
The sphere packing problem in dimensions 8 and 24

Apr 24-25

Robert Bryant
(Duke University)
2016-17 Dresden Lectures (in SC 101):
I. The Idea of Holonomy
II. On the geometry of geodesics on Finsler surfaces