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2014-2015 Math/Stat Colloquium

All events will be held 4:30-5:30 PM in Science Center 199, unless otherwise noted.  See flier when available.

  Speaker Affiliation Date Rm Title  
Matthias Beck headshot Matthias Beck San Francisco State Sept 9 199 Parking Functions and Friends flier
David Futer headshot David Futer Temple Sept 16 199 The Space Around a Knot flier
Andrea Bertozzi headshot Andrea Bertozzi UCLA Sept 24 101 * - The Mathematics of Crime flier
Jonathan Farley headshot Jonathan Farley Morgan State Univ Oct 7 101 Is the Fixed Point Property for Partially Ordered Sets Productive? flier
Yusra Naqvi headshot Yusra Naqvi Muhlenberg Oct 21 199 Coxeter Groups, Tessellations, and Buildings flier
Djordje Milicevic headshot Djordje Milicevic Bryn Mawr Nov 4   Why are Drums Shaped by Number Theory Sometimes Louder Than Others? flier
      Nov 11  

Summer Is Coming Soon

Summer research opportunities in Mathematics and Statistics

      Nov 25 144&158 Math/Stat Senior Conference Poster Session flier
Tara Holm headshot Tara Holm Cornell Univ Dec 2 199 Dance of the astonished topologist ... or how I left squares and hexes for math flier
Russell Miller headshot Russell Miller Queens College Apr 7 199 Noncomputable functions and unsolvable problems flier
Jordan Ellenberg headshot Jordan Ellenberg Wisconsin Apr 20&21 199

Apr 20 Uncertainty and contradiction

Apr 21 Spinning a needle in a finite field

Peter Roopnarine headshot Peter Roopnarine Curator of Invertebrate Zoology & Geology
California Academy of Sciences, San Francisco.
Apr 28 199

Community stability and selective extinction during Earth’s greatest mass extinction



* - Sigma-Xi lecture.  See

** - Kitao Lecture

*** - Dresden Lectures