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Transfer Credit

Students enrolled at the college may, at the department's discretion, receive transfer credit for Mathematics or Statistics classes taken at comparable universities during the summer or during a semester on leave. Under no circumstances will students be given credit for a college class taken prior to enrolling at Swarthmore.

A student contemplating a class at another university should consult with the department's transfer credit advisor for pre-approval. Students must have a syllabus for the class as well as how many credit hours the class receives. The student should bring any other information possible about the class as well. Upon completing the class, the student should bring all notebooks, assignments, and exams from the class to the departmental advisor for evaluation in order to receive the credit. Pre-approved classes will not receive credit until a final evaluation is done of the course work actually completed. The work completed must correspond to what was pre-approved.

See the Swarthmore Course Catalog for details.

For the 2022-2023 academic year, the advisor for Mathematics classes is Professor Cheryl Grood and the advisor for Statistics classes is Professor Suzy Thornton