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Olivia Cloutier '26

Olivia Cloutier

First math class at Swarthmore:  My first math class at Swarthmore: Real Analysis (Math 063).

What was your favorite math class and why?  Modern Algebra! I love proof-writing, and abstract math is super fun. I also had a great professor (shoutout Pat Devlin)!

Why did you become a math major?  I've always loved math, so majoring in it was an easy decision. Tackling a mathematical problem feels like solving a puzzle, and it's so satisfying when I finally figure it out. The wonderful experience I've had with classes at Swat solidified my choice, as I've enjoyed the collaborative atmosphere and enthusiasm from classmates and professors. 

How do you expect to use your mathematics after leaving Swarthmore? I plan on pursuing a PhD in math after graduation from Swarthmore. Afterward, I'd love to become a professor and share my love of math with others.

What advice do you have for an incoming student? Take advantage of office hours, and ask questions. Don't struggle in silence.