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Medical, Vision, Dental

The College offers group health care coverage for all benefit eligible faculty and staff (.5 FTE position and greater) .

Benefits eligibility is determined by hire date. If you are hired on the first day of the month, benefits are effective the first of that month. Otherwise, benefits will begin the first day of the following month.

Changes to coverage are limited to the annual open enrollment period, unless required by a “qualifying life event" (birth, death, marriage, divorce, loss of health care coverage from another source).  Any changes resulting from a qualifying event must be reported to Human Resources within 30 days following the effective date of the change.

Medical, Vision and Dental Plans

Swarthmore continues to offer an affordable and comprehensive selection of medical, dental and vision plans to meet your needs of health care coverage. Please click on the plans highlighted below for a description of the plans and coverage provided

Medical Coverage

The Medical Plan Highlights [PDF] allows you to review and compare all medical plan options.

For a review of each plan click on the name below:


All of Swarthmore College’s medical plan options now include coverage for Telehealth. Telehealth services are virtual visits via secure video or mobile app with a board-certified physician from Independence Blue Cross’ MDLIVE network.  Telehealth allows you and your covered dependents to address medical concerns from the convenience of your home or office.  MDLIVE’s providers are available 24/7 to address simple medical issues (skin rash, cold/flu, pink eye, etc)  Prescriptions can be written as needed. 

The costs associated with the Telehealth services are:

  • Individuals covered by the Keystone HMO, POS or Personal Choice PPO plans will pay a $5 copay
  • Individuals covered by the the HDHP will pay a $40 charge until their deductible is satisfied.  Once your deductible is met, there is no cost to the employee.

Register for telehealth services by visiting or calling 1-877-764-6605. Registering now assures you are ready to go when a need arises for a Telehealth visit.  Please note that each individual in your family will need to create their own account to access services.

Detailed instructions for registering for this service are located here.

Dental Coverage

Delta Dental is our dental insurer.  Please review the list of participating dentists within the Delta Dental network. Review the College's dental coverage under the basic and buy up plans [PDF]

Vision Coverage

Our vision provider remains Davis Vision and there have been no changes in the plan coverage. Keep in mind that to receive the maximum benefit from this plan you should use a Davis Network provider for both the eye examination and for purchasing eyeglasses.

Changing Your Benefits

Per IRS rules, you can only make changes to your benefit elections during the College's annual Open Enrollment period. However, you may make changes to your elections if you experience a qualifying life event during the year. Qualifying life events [PDF] include but are not limited to birth of a child, adoption, marriage, divorce, loss of existing health coverage, etc.

Flu Shot Reimbursement

During the Flu Season months, we want to make certain that all of our members take advantage of the Flu Shot program that Independence Blue Cross offers. Under the new health care legislation flu shots are now covered as a preventative service at 100% if you get them at your doctor's office. IBC will continue to pay up to $25 towards the cost of the Flu Shot if you decide to get a flu shot other than at your doctor's office.

Please complete this form and return it to address on the form with your receipt.

Flu Shot Reimbursement Form [PDF]

I want to change my doctor/dentist. How do I go about that?

The change can be made over the phone. Simply call the number on the back of your medical/dental card and give them the change information.