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End of Staff Member's Employment

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When a staff member resigns their position, appropriate written notice from that staff member to their supervisor and Human Resources is expected to allow the department time to plan for the transition with minimal disruption of service. Non-exempt staff members are expected to give at least two weeks written notice and exempt staff members are expected to give at least one month of written notice to both their immediate supervisor and Human Resources by emailing

Notice of resignation is expected to be a "working" notice to allow your supervisor an opportunity to spend productive work time with you to complete projects or to have you help train whoever will be assuming your responsibilities. The last day of work should occur on a regularly scheduled work day. For that reason, the timing of a resignation notice may not include vacation time or other paid time off. Staff will be paid for any accrued, unused vacation as part of their final paycheck. There is no payout for other paid time off not used.

Failure to give appropriate written working notice may affect your consideration for future employment at Swarthmore College.


There is no mandatory staff retirement age. Please contact Human Resources to discuss benefits-related issues, as some retirement programs take time to initiate. Staff should also discuss retirement plans with their supervisor so that appropriate succession plans can be made.

To be eligible for retiree benefits, a staff member must have been employed with the College for a minimum of ten (10) consecutive years immediately preceding retirement and have attained age 60 as of the time of retirement. A retiree health benefit program is available for eligible staff members and their spouses or domestic partners.

A retiree of the College and their spouse, domestic partner, and children over age 15 are eligible to use the College athletic facilities.

Passing of a Staff Member

Supervisors who are aware of the death of a staff member should contact Human Resources for assistance.


The College will verify only dates of employment and job titles, which will be done by Human Resources. The College will not release or verify any performance information, reasons for discharge, or rehire consideration, with the exception of compliance with Act 168.

Supervisors who are comfortable doing so may make positive work recommendations or give positive references about a terminated or former staff member. Supervisors who do not wish to offer reference information should direct inquiries to Human Resources for employment verification only.

Discontinuation of Swarthmore Accounts

Following a separation of employment, the College will cancel access to the OneCard system, computer programs, network accounts, and the phone and computer assigned to the individual on their last day of work. The departing staff member is responsible for removing any personal data from computers and/or network drives prior to the last day worked. The College will not be responsible for personal files left on College computers and/or network drives, and there is no expectation of privacy or file recovery once the departing staff member has left the College.

Supervisors with a documented business need may request access to the staff member’s computer accounts or files after the staff member's last date worked with approval from the senior manager in the department, ITS, and Human Resources.