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Winter Gathering

The annual Winter Gathering honors staff members who have reached their 10, 15, and 20 year service milestones at Swarthmore, with special tribute paid to those who have contributed 25 years to the College. It also marks the entry of those who have dedicated 30 and 35 years to the College to the Garnet Club.

A celebration for those who reached service milestones in 2023 will be held on Thursday, January 25, 2024 at 10 a.m. in Lang Music Hall. Those honored this year include:

50 Years of Service

Roy Word, Swarthmore Dining

35 Years of Service (Garnet Club Members)

Kenneth Jones, Environmental Services
Susan Smythe, Facilities

30 Years of Service (Garnet Club Members)

Cheryl Breischaft, Swarthmore Dining
Gary Gobrecht, Facilities
Karen Henry, Dean's Office
Darryl Kellam, Environmental Services
William Maguire, Facilities
Deborah (Deb) Sloman, Classics, Interdisciplinary Programs
Rasheed Willis, Environmental Services

25 Years of Service

Karen Bligen, Environmental Services
Michael Davis, Swarthmore Dining
Jeffrey Knerr, Computer Science
Steven Lin, Communications
Shelly Mattison, Environmental Services 
Amy McColl, Libraries
Don (Donny) Thomas, Swarthmore Dining

20 Years of Service

Meghan Browne, Public Safety 
Douglas Herren, Art
Daniel Leach, Swarthmore Dining
Lisa Maginnis, Career Services
Erin Massey, Career Services
Jane Pedrick Aull, Advancement
Rhoni Ryan, Information Technology Services
Mary Beth Sigado, Libraries
Jean Tierno, Theater, Lang Performing Arts Center
Martha Townsend, Campus & Community Store
Carolyn Warfel, Physics & Astronomy
Lorenzo Yannelli, Athletics

15 Years of Service

Wenping Bo, Information Technology Services 
Susan Grossi, Dance
Robert Havens, Facilities
Rachel Head, Dean's Office
Jennifer Lenway,  Pre-medical/Pre-law advising
Mutabar Mills, Swarthmore Dining
John Word, Information Technology Services

10 Years of Service

Renee Atkinson, Advancement
Carl Benner, Facilities
Pamela Borkowski-Valentin, Institutional Effectiveness, Research & Assessment
Joshua (Josh) Ellow, Student Health and Wellness
Donald Fewkes, Facilities
Oliver Hollocher-Small, Information Technology Services
Windsor (Winds) Jordan, Admissions
Christopher (Chris) Kelly, Office of General Counsel
Jason Martin, Institutional Effectiveness, Research & Assessment
Timkia Mason, Environmental Services
Ian McGarvey, Chemistry & Biochemistry
Nathan Miller, Dean's Office
Denny Moore, Information Technology Services
Elizabeth (Beth) Pitts, Office of General Counsel
Jeremy Polk, Information Technology Services
Bethanne Seufert, Modern Languages & Literatures
Pamela (Pam) Shropshire, President's Office
Sean Tripline, Chester Children's Chorus
Ashley Turner, Information Technology Services
Roberto Vargas, Libraries
Amanda Whitbred, Communications