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Winter Gathering

The annual Winter Gathering honors staff members who have reached their 10, 15, and 20 year service milestones at Swarthmore, with special tribute paid to those who have contributed 25 years to the College. It also marks the entry of those who have dedicated 30 and 35 years to the College to the Garnet Club.

A celebration for those who reached service milestones in 2022 will be held on January 27, 2023 at 10 a.m. in Pearson-Hall Theatre in LPAC. Those honored this year include:

35 Years of Service (Garnet Club Members)

Rodney Jefferson, Facilities

30 Years of Service (Garnet Club Members)

Tara Blickley, Dining
Brett Day, Dining
Mark Dumic, Information Technology Services
Jenny Gifford, President's Office
Cecil McDonald, Environmental Services
James Murphy, Lang Performing Arts Center

25 Years of Service

Mike Bednarz, Information Technology Services
Tarsia Duff, Linguistics
Chuck Hinkle, Grounds & Horticulture
Elise McCarthy, Dining
Liz Smith, Dining

20 Years of Service

Lisa Coulter, Environmental Services
Jody Downer, Scott Arboretum
Mary Huissen, Libraries
Melissa Hunter, Environmental Services
Edmond Jaoudi, Engineering
Melinda Kleppinger, Libraries
Kristin Moore, Financial Aid
Donna Mucha, Philosophy
Delores Robinson, Lang Center for Civic & Social Responsibility
Ed Siegle, Information Technology Services
Rodney Swaney, Facilities
Michele Thornton, Dining

15 Years of Service

Bryan Carlton, Events Management
Betsy Durning, Psychology
Pat Hearty, Purchasing Office
Stacey Hogge, Sociology & Anthropology
Stacy Jordan, Admissions
Michael Kappeler, Information Technology Services
Joan Kelley, Dining
Maddie LeSage, History
Roxanne Lucchesi, Libraries
Jennifer Magee, Lang Center for Civic & Social Responsibility
Terry McGrath, Counseling & Psychological Services
Jen Moore, Information Technology Services
Christi Muller Ford, Facilities

10 Years of Service

Robert Bennett, Public Safety
Simon Elichko, Libraries
Adam Glas, Grounds & Horticulture
Ashley Henry, Lang Center for Civic & Social Responsibility
Mike Hill, Public Safety
Paul Jacobs, Physics & Astronomy
Larry Kesterson, Communications
Heejin Kim, Counseling & Psychological Services
Brian Myers, Advancement
Genevieve Nilan, Environmental Services
Joel Price '00, Information Technology Services
Michael Schartner, Environmental Services
Lesa Shieber, Provost's Office
Joseph Theveny, Public Safety
Christina Webster, Information Technology Services



Woman with short hair and glasses smiles widely

Winter Gathering, January 2023

Woman with long straight brown hair and patterned top

Winter Gathering, January 2023

Man in eagles hat and sweatshirt smiles widely as he elbow bumps someone with their back to the camera.

Winter Gathering, January 2023

Man in a tan suit and white shirt smiles widely while in a crowded room.

Winter Gathering, January 2023

Man with white mustache stands at a podium

Winter Gathering, January 2023

Group of people in garnet sweatshirts sit around a table and smile at the camera

Winter Gathering, January 2023

Man wearing a mask plays the piano.

Winter Gathering, January 2023

Winter Gathering, January 2023

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