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Retiring from or Departing the College in 2023-2024

To those staff members who have retired from or departed the College during the 2023-2024 academic year, we are so grateful for the time, energy, and effort you have given our community, and wish you the best in all that is to come.

Below, those recently retired or retiring staff members reflect on their time at Swarthmore.

Not pictured: Elisa Denofio, Chester Children’s Chorus; Paul (Gus) Eriksen, Swarthmore Grounds; Roxanne Lucchesi, Libraries; Terry McGrath, Counseling and Psychological Services; Anne Yoder, Libraries-Peace Collection

Thank you for your service to Swarthmore!

Man stands next to a directional sign in the forest.

Mark Amstutz

Label: Finance and Administration

I have fond memories of my more than 20 years at Swarthmore. I started in 2003 as its first full-time investment professional, and in 2014 was fortunate to be appointed its first chief investment officer and to create a dedicated Investment Office. As a team, we have instilled a philosophy of blending the importance of the College’s educational mission and strengthening its financial resources with a sharp focus on generating superior long-term performance for the endowment. It was a great privilege to work with my Investment Office colleagues and I enjoyed being involved with such a dynamic College community.

Headshot of woman with long curly brown hair and bangs.

Chris Borger

Label: Swarthmore Dining

Chris Borger, Swarthmore Dining

Woman with short grey hair and glasses smiles at the camera.

Jody Downer

Label: Scott Arboretum

The 21 years spent in my “dream job” at the Scott Arboretum was the culmination of a lifetime of varied connections with the College. Growing up in the village, the campus was my playground, sledding hill, and introduction to nature through the Crum Woods. With no idea of the important roles they played for the College and the Arboretum, I got to know Edith Scott, who gave the founding endowment, and the Arboretum’s first director, John Wister. I discovered those connections years later when I joined the Scott Associates and became a volunteer in 1989. I continue to be good friends with many staff members and volunteers and will always appreciate that my job at the Arboretum was the exemplification of a great team of people working together to ensure they provided a welcoming and beautiful campus/arboretum.

Woman with short curly hair and glasses smiles at the camera.

Stacy Green

Label: Counseling and Psychological Services

Stacy Green, Counseling and Psychological Services

Woman with grey hair in a purple top smiles at the camera.

Jan Semler

Label: Capital Planning and Project Management

It is both amazing and gratifying to see how the campus has evolved over the last 24+ years. I leave here with many fond memories of colleagues and friends I’ve met along the way and partnerships forged through the complexities of new construction, renovation, and renewal of the campus.  I wish the best to everyone who continues to dedicate themselves to the mission of the College.

Two women stand next to baseball player Gary "Sarge" Matthews, smiling.

Janis Tota

Label: Human Resources

I had the pleasure of working at Swarthmore for the past 18 years in the main office of the Human Resources department. It has been a joy to be a point of contact for many. Whether sharing a quick story or a smile, I am happy to have been the person to greet and assist everyone.  Now I'm enjoying spending more time with my family, traveling, catching up on my reading, and going to the beach and pool. Pictured here is a recent Phillies Spring Training trip with my daughter Rosie, and baseball legend, Gary "Sarge" Matthews. Best wishes to all at Swarthmore!