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Employee Assistance Programs and Mental Health Resources

Health Advocate


From time to time virtually everyone encounters problems and conflicts which are difficult to handle alone. The College has provided the services of Carebridge Corporation to provide confidential consultation and referral services to help benefit eligible employees and their families.

All services provided by Carebridge are confidential; the College receives no information about an employee's personal use of this benefit.  Access to Carebridge is easy and available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Call 1-800-437-0911 or access through the Carebridge website. When registering your online account, use the Access Code: YXDEY. All services provided by Carebridge are confidential; the College receives no information about an employee's personal use of this benefit. 

Included in the EAP benefit you, and your eligible dependents, have access to seven consultations, either face-to-face or scheduled telephone appointments. On-going coaching and follow-up are also available. Each of the Carebridge counselors has a minimum Masters degree and several years experience in their field of expertise. If additional visits are required,Carebridge will integrate this service with your existing health plan benefits. The Carebridge programs include:

  • Work-Life
  • Child Care
  • Eldercare
  • Personal Financial Concerns
  • Relocation Guidance
  • Time Management
  • Parenting/Schooling Issues
  • Continuing Education Plan
  • Employee Assistance
  • Marital Relationships
  • Alcohol and Drug Problems
  • Family/Parenting Relationships
  • Grief and loss
  • Financial Pressures
  • Difficult Emotional Issues 

How Carebridge Can Help You Find a Child Care Provider

Carebridge Child Care services are free and confidential to eligible employees of Swarthmore College. Carebridge’s model allows you to be assisted by the same specialist to access support even as your needs change, from planning for children, pregnancy, infant/developmental needs, school years, parenting teens, launching young adults into college and beyond. 

How Carebridge Helps, Step by Step
  • Initial outreach to Carebridge:
    • You place a call to Carebridge, identifying yourself and your employer
    • You are transferred to a Master’s level child care specialist
  • Child care specialist learns more about your needs. They will ask a series of questions to determine:
    • What kind of care is needed
    • When the care needed (drop-off and pick-up times)
    • The age and grade of child/children needing care
    • The name of their school
  • Additional discussion between you and the child care specialist may include:
    • Specific needs (does parent need care on holidays, in-service days, for weather-related closings?)
    • Budget guidelines (private pay or any financial assistance from the state?)          
  • Options are then researched and explored by child care specialist. They will ascertain if:
    • There are currently openings at a given program
    • Program hours of operation
    • Program cost and/or fees
    • If transportation is offered by the program
  • The child care specialist will then email the resources they have gathered to you
    • This includes information on specific referrals
  • You follow-up directly with providers and make the final decision on what provider is right for your family


Health Advocate

Health Advocate understands the intricacies of the health care and insurance worlds. They also know how to make health care work for you and your family. It is easy to get help. All you have to do is make one phone call and Health Advocate will take care of the rest—no hassles, no frustrations. Health Advocate’s normal business hours are 8 a.m. – 9 p.m. ET Monday through Friday. Staff is available for urgent assistance after hours and during weekends; however, members may need to leave a message before reaching a representative. Spanish speaking representatives are also available.

Here's How It Works

As soon as you contact Health Advocate, you will be assigned a Personal Health Advocate who will work with you to resolve a health care problem. Each Personal Health Advocate is a trained professional, typically a Registered Nurse, who can assist with coordination of care, claim and related paperwork problems, fee negotiations, prescription drug issues and much more.  HEALTH ADVOCATE SERVICES ARE FREE AND COMPLETELY CONFIDENTIAL.  You may contact Health Advocate either online at or via phone at 1-866-695-8622.

How Health Advocate Can Help

Health Advocate complements basic health care coverage and can assist you in maximizing the benefits available through the Swarthmore College health plans. The services available through Health Advocate are summarized below:

Administrative Services

Untangle and resolve insurance claims

Save money on health care bills

Navigate within an insurance company
Identify and correct billing errors
Assist with health care issues
Explore and arrange elder care
Service Support
Obtain information to allow for informed health care decisions
Help members complete necessary paperwork
Identify and coordinate/arrange wellness services
Make arrangements for a member's special service and transportation needs
clinical Service
Find the best doctors and hospitals
Assist with complex medical conditions
Research treatment options
Secure second opinions
Schedule appointments with hard-to-reach specialists
Identify renowned "best-in-class" medical facilities
Health Coaching
Help prepare patients for health care appointments
Answer general or specific benefit questions
Assist members in better understanding their conditions
Educate members on how to become active participants in their health care
Explain the advantages of in-network care