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Supervisor Resources

Supervisors play an important role at each stage of the employee lifecycle. The resources below are available to help you support your team members. For questions about the recruitment process or these resources, please reach out to the talent team at For questions about other resources, please contact Lindsay Raclaw, learning and development manager, at

Recruitment | Onboarding | Development | Separation


  • Staff recruitment process: This document outlines the process for recruiting new staff members and who to reach out to at each step.
  • PageUp: Direct supervisors can log in using their Swarthmore credentials to view applications and resumes. 


  • Supervisor checklist: Make a copy of this checklist to prepare for your new staff member's arrival and onboarding period. Once an offer is accepted, supervisors receive this checklist as part of the provisioning email, which also includes the staff member’s new ID and immediate tasks. 
  • Department onboarding template: Departments can make a copy of this welcome template and customize it to include department-specific resources.


Performance and misconduct templates

Annual performance assessment information can be found on the Performance Assessment and Coaching page.


We are committed to creating a successful working environment that encourages professional growth and an open dialog between staff members and their supervisors. Separations can occur for a variety of reasons, including but not limited to, resignation or retirement. Should a member of your team need to be separated from Swarthmore College for any reason please reach out to Paula MacDonald, assistant vice president, human resources, at