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Pay Increases

Salary Increase Programs

Swarthmore's administration and Board of Managers make decisions each year about adjustments to Swarthmore's annual operating budget. The budget includes compensation of faculty and staff, including salaries and benefits. Decisions about compensation levels are based on economic and market conditions and on organizational needs. Neither general increases to the budget, nor individual salary raises, are automatic. Decisions about increases take into account a number of factors, including the external marketplace within which we compete to hire and retain employees, internal equity among comparable positions within the College, and individual performance. When salary adjustments are warranted, it has been College practice to make such adjustments with the start of its fiscal year, which is currently July 1.

Temporary Adjustment in Pay

Occasionally there are circumstances when it is appropriate for a supervisor/manager to adjust a staff members pay. Temporary increases may occur when an employee replaces another employee classified at a higher level or when an employee takes on a special project. These temporary increases are intended for short-term arrangements and Human Resources must approve all recommendations.