Personal Appearance and Dress Code

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Swarthmore's commitment to excellence and our position in the community require standards of personal appearance from staff that are consistent with departmental needs and with the expectations of our customers.

Some areas of the College that have limited public contact may be very flexible in terms of dress codes and blue jeans and tee shirts, for example, may be fine. Other areas may require more professional dress standards because of the nature of the individual's contact with others. Departments may set reasonable codes for dress that reflect departmental needs, including the wearing of standardized uniforms.

Supervisors should be sensitive to cultural differences in dress and should accommodate such diversity as long as the style of dress is neat and moderate in appearance and is not inconsistent with health or safety requirements.

Good personal hygiene is expected at all times. If a staff member reports to work with a less than satisfactory degree of personal cleanliness, the supervisor may take performance action and may relieve the staff member of duty with the requirement that the individual correct the problem before returning to work.