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Widener University Graduate Tuition Discount Program

Swarthmore College employees who are benefits-eligible receive a 20% discount on tuition for most graduate programs at Widener University. We are pleased to be able to strengthen the College’s tuition benefits through this local partnership, and to support our employees in achieving their educational goals.

Program Eligibility

The discounted rate applies only to tuition for the following graduate programs offered at Widener University:

  • Seated and hybrid masters and doctoral degree programs
  • Graduate certificate programs

The discounted rate does not apply to the following Widener programs:

  • Law school
  • Online social work programs
  • Undergraduate tuition
  • Widener-Crozer partnership programs

Program Enrollment

To receive the discounted tuition rate for eligible graduate programs, please take the following steps:

  1. When completing your application to an eligible Widener program, you will see a lot of schools participating in the discount program. Please select Swarthmore.
  2. Each semester that you are enrolled in an eligible Widener program, you must complete  Widener's Tuition Discount Verification form and send your completed form to Human Resources will then return the form directly to Widener.
    1. While you may complete this form anytime before the end of the semester, you are strongly encouraged to complete it prior to the start of each semester.

Additional Resources

To learn more about the Widener University Tuition Discount Program, you can: