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Benefits and Programs

Swarthmore College is dedicated to serving the common good; our benefits program is guided by the belief that a strong partnership between the College and its community members is key to advancing this goal. We recognize that offering a high quality, comprehensive benefits package is essential to recruiting and retaining our outstanding and diverse faculty and staff. To that end, we work to ensure that:

  • We offer a range of meaningful and flexible choices that recognize the varied needs of our community of faculty, staff, and their families.
  • We offer benefits of the highest quality at a fair and equitable cost to the individual community member while preserving the financial resiliency of the College.
  • We approach our benefits in a dynamic, innovative, and proactive fashion, considering the changing needs of our community members and the College in the context of external factors, including the economic and regulatory environment.
  • We support the health and well-being of community members and their families by fostering wellness, encouraging preventative care, and considering the whole person.
  • We offer the resources and expertise to empower our community members to make informed choices about their benefits and plan effectively for the future.
  • We provide a benefits package, including disability and life insurance, designed to assist in the case of an unanticipated life event.
  • We communicate information about our offerings in a clear, consistent, and timely manner, and engage our community in a dialogue about required or recommended changes to our benefits program.