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Salary Continuation Program (Short Term Disability)

For serious non-work related medical conditions that require an employee to be out of work for more than 2 weeks, the College offers the Salary Continuation Program.

Based on length of service, an employee may receive a percentage of their salary (for a maximum of 6 months) as long as proper medical documentation is provided by the attending physician. The following chart summarizes the plan:

Salary Continuation Program Plan
Length of Service* Amount of Coverage**
Less than 12 months $0 - must use accrued sick days for any period of absence due to a medical condition
12 months but less than 48 months Weeks 1- 2: accrued sick days
Weeks 3-13: 75% of base pay
Weeks 14 - 26: 60% of base pay
48 months or more Weeks 1-2: accrued sick days
Weeks 3-13: 100% of base pay
Weeks 14 -26: 60% of base pay

* when injury or illness coverage begins
** maximum of 24 weeks/6 months

Long Term Disability

The College's long term disability (LTD) plan offers faculty and staff valuable financial protection in the event of a serious non-work related medical condition.

Coverage will begin on the first day of the month in which an employee becomes benefits eligible with an FTE of .75 or greater.

The LTD plan provides benefits after an employee has been continuously disabled for a period of 6 months. If eligible, the employee will receive a monthly income benefit equal to 60% of covered salary at the date of disability but not to exceed $13,000 monthly. This amount will be offset by any benefits payable by Social Security and/or Worker's Compensation. However, in no event will the monthly income benefit be less than $100.

While on LTD, your LTD Top Up Account may be used to supplement your LTD benefit, enabling you to receive full pay. Sick time earned in excess of 20 days is placed in your LTD Top Up Account, which enables you to "top up" LTD from 60% of pay to 100% of pay. Once placed in the LTD top up account, such days may be used only in conjunction with LTD benefits and cannot be withdrawn for short-term illnesses.