Employee Relations

Tri-College Summer Institute group photo


Employee relations seeks to:

  1. develop and maintain a positive relationship between employees and the college through programs and policies that ensure fairness, respect and consistent treatment for all employees,
  2. provide means for conflict resolution,
  3. enhance clear and accurate communication,
  4. recognize the efforts and contributions of employees to the college and it's mission.

To meet these goals, the employee relations staff provide the following functions:

  • advise and refer employees experiencing personal problems
  • develop and manage programs for employee recognition and appreciation
  • review departmental work rules and policies for fairness and consistency with College policies
  • problem solve with supervisors around employee and organizational issues
  • assist/coach employees in managing relations with their supervisors
  • assist employees in responding to disciplinary or performance counseling both informally and in consultation with relevant policies
  • advising supervisors when considering employment action for misconduct or performance problems to ensure compliance with College standards and fair and consistent treatment