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Communication Programs

Communication within the College is important to maintain positive employee morale, provide feedback to the highest levels of management and for the College leadership to provide direction and guidance to all staff as they work towards the goals and mission of the College. To that end, two advisory groups have been established.

Please note that some of these programs may be modified or temporarily suspended due to COVID-19.

Staff Advisory Council (SAC)

Consisting of eighteen elected staff members that serve three years, this group is advisory to the President and VP of Human Resources.  Its primary function is to serve in a listening and communicating capacity on behalf of both staff members and College Administration.

Administrative Advisory Council (AAC)

Consisting of approximately 30 divisional and departmental directors appointed by the president upon recommendation of members of the senior staff group the council serves as a management sounding board and advisory group to the College's president and senior executive staff on issues related to general managerial, administrative, and supervisory issues at the College. A primary function is to facilitate the sharing of information with others in their areas of administrative responsibility, for the purpose of enhancing community members' general knowledge and understanding of college activities.

All Staff Meetings

Organized by the Staff Advisory Council, there are several All Staff Meetings each year that focus on topics of interest to staff ranging from budgetary concerns to new benefit programs. Various presentation are made including introduction of new policies or programs, reviews of same and projects and initiatives.