Staff Compensation Philosophy


The staff of Swarthmore College is integral to the fulfillment of the mission of the College. The staff creates and maintains the foundation that supports the educational experience and allows faculty and students to pursue their intellectual interests. Many staff members are also directly involved with students through counseling, teaching, and providing housing and dining services. Like the faculty, the staff at Swarthmore need to be among the finest in their professions. 

Our compensation system must support the hiring and retention of excellent employees, and our culture must challenge them to contribute in meaningful ways to the mission of the College. Our compensation system should also be fair and non-discriminatory.  Additionally, we recognize that it is the combined efforts of all employed by the College, faculty and staff, that allows Swarthmore to maintain its pre-eminent position.

In order to attract and retain high caliber staff, we must be vigilant that our wages and benefits are competitive with other employers. Each job at Swarthmore has a natural "market" that can be used for this comparison, which is defined as the market from which we recruit for that particular job. Working at Swarthmore has many intangible benefits that add to its attractiveness as an employer, including the inclusive community, the college atmosphere, the resources available, and the robust benefits package.

The quality of staff work life available at the College is used as a strategic advantage in attracting the best possible staff.  We encourage continued professional growth among our staff and strive to retain our internal talent and believe it is important to recognize superior contributions by linking pay to performance. Seniority, when combined with good performance, brings a special value to the College.