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Performance Assessments & Coaching

As we strive to foster an environment of open communication in our workplace, we encourage regular and periodic conversations with staff members and supervisors regarding job performance. Clear and open dialogues allow an opportunity to recognize work well done, and also to address concerns as they arise. These conversations reinforce desired performance outcomes and provide opportunities for immediate improvement, development, and redirection. In addition, staff members are encouraged to proactively seek feedback and communicate any concerns with their supervisors.

On an annual basis, supervisors must provide a written assessment of each staff member's job performance, summarizing the work over the course of the year. This year, given the ongoing pandemic, the performance assessment process offers a meaningful framework for discovering how we are adapting and for creating impactful approaches to work in these unprecedented circumstances. Human Resources will be available to provide guidance and support to supervisors and staff with this process, in addition to providing support on coaching, performance improvement plans and assessments. Please contact the HR Department at ext. 8397 for more information.

Performance Assessment Materials

Performance Assessment template [doc] 
This template is completed by the staff member first. Once completed it should be submitted to their the supervisor by email.

Overall Instructions [doc]

FAQs for Staff Members

FAQs for Supervisors

Additional Resources

Pre-recorded Zoom Session for Staff Members

Pre-recorded Zoom Session for Supervisors

Quick Conversation Guide for Staff [doc]
A two-page summary of what to expect and suggestions for staff members during an assessment conversation. 

Quick Conversation Guide for Supervisors [doc]
A two-page summary of what to expect and suggestions for supervisors during an assessment conversation. 

Guidelines for Supervisors [doc]
This document provides instructions for completing the performance assessment template, conducting the assessment remotely, and leading the performance discussions.

Guidelines for Performance Assessment Competencies [pdf]
This document outlines Swarthmore College’s values and competences.

Performance Counseling template [doc]

10 Minute Conversations [pdf]
This document offers suggestions for what to ask during any performance and / or professional development conversation.

Guidelines for Managing and Communicating with Staff Remotely [pdf]
The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in most of our workforce now working remotely. This guide offers helpful information on the areas of technological support, consistent communication, clear expectations, established goals and objectives, meaningful feedback,  and flexibility.