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Meet Our Newest Hires

Our community is made up of diverse and talented individuals who embody our mission of inclusive excellence. Across our various administrative and academic departments, the following faculty and staff members have joined Swarthmore over the last three months (between April 2, 2018 and July 1, 2019):

New Hires Across Campus

Ali  Abushaiba, Engineering

Hanan Ahmed '19,  Dean's Office

Sean Baltazar, Biology

Mandie Banks,  Scott Arboretum

Dion Bell Sr., Environmental Services

Freddy Bernardino '18,  Dean's Office

Nick Bolle, Mathematics

Marc Cheers, Environmental Services

Andrew Cheng '12, Linguistics

Katelyn Comerford, Dining Services

Megan Counter, Events Management

Anna Claire Cunningham, Scott Arboretum

Maya Darst-Campbell '19, Educational Studies

April Davis, Lang Performing Arts Center (LPAC)

Marley Donnelly, Human Resources Office

Anna Garner '19, Political Science

Emily Gasser '07, Linguistics

Haley Gerardi '17, Physics/Astronomy

Leyna Gilleland, Dean's Office

Rosie Grogan, Scott Arboretum

Andy Hirsch, Communications

Ben Hitz,  Scott Arboretum

Jared Hunt '19, Educational Studies

Doug Koler, Grounds

Jacob Manaker, Mathematics

Michelle McEwen '19, Educational Studies

Victoria Nelson, Registrar

Erin Northcutt, Public Safety

Tyler Palmer, Events Management

Nathaniel Peters '18, Physics/Astronomy

John Porter, Enterprise Services

Martin Reynolds, Telecommunications

Kyle Richmond-Crosset '19, Scholar Lang Center-Social Responsibility

Jerry Schrack, Grounds

Ava Shafiei '19, Lang Center-Social Responsibility

Aaron Smith, Telecommunications

Jake Stattel '19, Educational Studies

Frank Sweeney, Dining Services  

Haley Thompson, Provost Office

Andy Tran '19, Information Technology

Breon Willis, Environmental Services

Abigail Wong-Rolle '19, Chemistry & Biochemistry

Audra Woodside '19, Chemistry & Biochemistry