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Meet Our Newest Hires

Our community is made up of diverse and talented individuals who embody our mission of inclusive excellence. Across our various administrative and academic departments, the following faculty and staff members have joined Swarthmore over the last three months (between July 2, 2019 and Oct 1, 2019):

New Hires Across Campus

Tobin Adams, Assistant Director of Athletics, Physical Education

Kelly Ambruso, Lab Instructor - Chemistry, Chemistry & Biochemistry

Aimee Anderson, Shuttle Bus Driver, Public Safety

Rebecca Armstrong, Gardener Assistant, Grounds

Elizabeth Balch-Crystal '19, Course/Research Assistant, Educational Studies 

Beth Bender, Dance

Cacey Bester, Assistant Professor, Physics and Astronomy

Kimberly Braun, Associate Director, Prospect Research, Advancement

Adrienne Brown, Dining Services, Science Center 

Whitney Bruemmer, Coach - Pool, Athletics

Rebecca Carovillano, Analyst, Prospect Discovery and Development, Research

Lynn Cassella, Dining Services, Essie Mae's

Paloma Checa-Gismero, Assistant Professor, Art History, Art 

Karen Chan, Assistant Professor, Biology 

Kyle Clark, Dance

Keith Coates, Dining Services

Mikayla Cook, Dining Services, Essie's Essie Mae's

Felicia Cruz, Dance 

Anthony Dimartino, Shuttle Bus Driver, Public Safety

Rikker Dockum, Visiting Assistant Professor, Linguistics 

Nicole Dorman, Coach - Pool, Athletics

Elizabeth Drake, Climate Action Manager, Sustainability Office

Melanie Drolsbaugh, Courses, Linguistics

Timothy DuBuc, Visiting Assistant Professor, Biology

Chelsey Eiel, Title IX Project Manager, Title IX Office

Imaani El-Burki, Assistant Dean and Director of the Intercultural Center, Dean's Office

Lydia Elia, Animal Care, Biology

Tyler Ewell, Investment Officer, Endowment Revenue

Shakirha Frisby, Grill Cook / Prep, Dining Services

Meredith Gaglio, Visiting Assistant Professor, Art 

Jeffrey Gauthier, Assistant Professor, Biology 

Nimesh Ghimire '16, Senior Fellow in Social Innovation, Lang Center-Social Responsibility 

Eleonora Gianti, Visiting Assistant Professor, Chemistry & Biochemistry

Hali Han '19, Research Assistant, English Literature 

Emily Higgs, Archivist, Friends Historical Library

Alissa Hochman, Post Doctoral Psychology, Counseling & Psychological Services

Rune Horvik, Senior Assistant Director, Fin Aid Systems, Financial Aid

Matthew Judge, Assistant Director, Athletics

Christopher Kane, Strategic Sourcing Manager,  Purchasing, Business Office

Amy Kapit '06, Visiting Assistant Professor- Peace, Conflict Studies, Peace & Conflict Studies 

Charles Kazer, Lab Instructor, Computer Science 

Bryn Keytanjian, Technical Services Specialist, Peace Collection

Amanda Luby, Assistant Professor-Math/Stats, Mathematics 

Paula MacDonald, Associate Director, Organizational Development /Workplace Relations, Human Resources 

Richard Malach, Dining Services

Eduardo Martin Macho, Visiting Instructor, Spanish

Azelio Matavel, Dining Services 

Sawyer Mccarthy, Research Assistant, Chemistry & Biochemistry 

Brian McCloskey, Coach - Pool, Athletics

Kasey McMullen, Program Coordinator, Individual Giving Leadership Giving and Gift Planning, Advancement

Kaamila Mohamed, Post Graduate Clinical Fellow, Counseling & Psychological Services

Ethan Moran, Dining Services Board Operation

Marissa Mullan, Dining Services Board Operation

Scott Nickle, Assistant Director of Individual Giving, Leadership Giving and Gift Planning, Advancement

Susan O'Donnell, Lab Instructor, Biology 

Jasmine Owens, Residential Communities Coordinator, Dean's Office

Michael Pace, Coach - Pool, Athletics

Chetan Patel, Dining Services 

Jennifer Pfluger, Assistant Professor, Environmental Studies 

Jack Pokorny '19, Civic Engagement & Education Consultation, Lang Center-Social Responsibility 

Beatriz Ramírez Canosa, Visiting Instructor, Spanish 

Ainslie Rhoads, Coach - Pool, Athletics

Jesus (Jesse) Rivera, Visiting Assistant Professor and CFD Post- Doctoral Fellow, Physics and Astronomy 

Tate Roderick, Dining Services

Deborah Schmidt, Visiting Assistant Professor, Physics and Astronomy 

Lisa Shen, Assistant Dean of Admissions, Admissions Office

Shaun Shields, Patrol/Communication Officer, Public Safety

Candice Signor-Brown, Head Coach-Women's Basketball, Athletics

Chase StewartPE/Athletics Fellow, Athletics

Elizabeth Taylor, Coach - Pool, Athletics

Barbara Thelamour, Assistant Professor, Psychology 

Tiffany ThompsonAssociate Director of Gender & Sexuality Initiatives, Intercultural Center/Program Manager for Women's Resource Center, Dean's Division

Suzanne Thornton, Visiting Assistant Professor, Mathematics and Statistics 

Ryan To, Dining Services

Jacqueline Tull, WoodShop / MakerSpace Manager, Information Technology

Mary Kristine Turnbull, Checker/Cashier, Board Operation

Sandra Viguers, Sports Medicine Intern, Athletics

Samuel Wasson, Fitness Center Attendant, Athletics

Reginald Waterman, Shuttle Bus Driver, Public Safety

Michael Wehar, Visiting Assistant Professor, Computer Science 

Tess Wei '17, List Gallery Assistant, Art 

Miranda Weinberg, Visiting Assistant Professor, Linguistics 

Ian Whitehead, Assistant Professor, Mathematics and Statistics 

David Wilson, Visiting Assistant Professor (part-time), Linguistics 

Barbara Wysocka, Julien and Virginia Cornell Distinguished Visiting Professor, Theater

George Yin, Visiting Assistant Professor, Political Science 

Michal Zadara '99, Julien and Virginia Cornell Distinguished Visiting Professor, Theater