Faculty/Staff Development

A bi-annual Faculty/Staff Development Workshop series consists of multiple workshops, provided at no cost to all employees. The Faculty/Staff Development Workshop Committee, in partnership with Human Resources develops the programming for each workshop. The goal of the series is to provide opportunities for employees to develop and acquire skills, enhance competencies, and to learn from one another in the process. Each series highlights a theme; past themes include: Wellness, Technology Blitz, It's All About Me 2013, and Change for the Better. If you have ideas for future Faculty/Staff Development Workshops, please click here to share.

The College encourages staff to seek opportunities for professional development, both internally and externally. Most departments have funds available for employees to attend training, conferences or seminars. In addition, the College also offers a tuition reimbursement program to those interested in pursuing educational goals. The College also offers online career development courses via Lynda.com, free of charge to our employees. Please follow the link below for more information: