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Employee Handbook - Preface

All staff members of Swarthmore College are integral to the success of the institution. No matter what position you serve in, each of us contributes something important to making this a successful academic community. While our roles may vary, the basic expectations of the College remain consistent.

It is expected that all members of the staff observe the following general guidelines:

  • Be committed to the success of the College
  • Do your job enthusiastically and to the best of your abilities - hold yourself to high standards
  • Treat others with courtesy, respect, and fairness
  • Respect the diversity among us
  • Strive to grow professionally
  • Be honest in communication
  • Take responsibility for raising issues and solving problems
  • Be thoughtful stewards of the College and its resources
  • Acknowledge others for a job well done

As employees you can expect the following from Swarthmore College:

  • Fair and equitable treatment
  • Acknowledgement for a job well done
  • Help in achieving professional goals
  • Objective feedback regarding performance
  • A competitive compensation package, including benefits
  • An environment free of discrimination and harassment
  • A drug/alcohol-free working environment
  • To be listened to with respect
  • A response to your concerns