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Take Action on Campus

Students working outside Sharples Dining Hall

Sustainability is a community-wide effort at Swarthmore. From planting trees to composting your lunch, students, faculty, and staff are actively engaged in the work of keeping our planet healthy.​

There are numerous tools, programs, and opportunities in place for our community members to participate in sustainability on and off campus. Our student Green Advisors serve as residence hall leaders, educating peers on topics ranging from campus composting to climate change communication. Faculty and staff members can join the Sustainability Advocates program, which pairs them with a Green Advisor and facilitates the implementation of sustainability projects within the Advocate's department.​

Swarthmore's environmental student groups are an active force on campus, leading projects as diverse as the campus student garden, cross-cultural culinary conversations, and community partnerships in nearby Chester.​

Members of the community are also directly involved in developing core policies and practices that promote the most efficient and responsible use of College resources through avenues like the Sustainability Committee and the Crum Woods Stewardship Committee.​

Explore this section to learn more about how you can get involved in sustainability at Swarthmore!

Student Leaders

Swarthmore students have had their hands on the steering wheel in matters of sustainability, both on and off campus for quite some time, as this article in the Bulletin alumni magazine highlights.