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Lounge Set-Up & Categories

Spring 2022 Move-out:

Each lounge will be separated into several sections. Signs will be posted to direct students where to place which items.  Please see below to learn about the six categories.

Clothing, Shoes, Sheets,  Mini-Fridges
  • End Location: off-campus communities via GreenDrop.
  • Description: These items cannot be taken by Worthmore (largely due to the quantity of donations), but will be taken by GreenDrop to be distributed to several charities. Please place items in one of the large cardboard boxes provided.
  • Do Not Include: Foam mattresses.
School Supplies, Decorations,  Dorm Items
  • End Location: Worthmore.
  • Description:  Please place items within the donation areas demarcated with blue tape.
  • Do Not Include: Broken items, items intended for single-use, overly dirty items.
Lamps, Fans, Mirrors, Hampers, Hangers
  • End Location: Worthmore.
  • Description:  Please place items within the donation area demarcated with blue tape.
  • Do Not Include: Broken electronics, broken mirrors, or other damaged items 
Swat Course Textbooks
  • End Location: Underhill.
  • Description: These books will be donated to the Swarthmore Libraries and offered to future students. Please place books in the crate provided. It is extremely helpful if you also label the book with its associated course.
  • Do Not Include: Personal class notes.
Non-Course Books
  • End Location: off-campus communities via GreenDrop
  • Description: Non-course books will be taken by GreenDrop 
  • Do Not Include: Printed PDFs, personal documents.
Non-Perishable, Unopened Food
  • End Location: off-campus communities via GreenDrop
  • Description: Worthmore will no longer carry food items due to pests. Non-perishable food will be collected during move-out, however, and every attempt will be made to ensure that food donations are eaten by someone!
  • Do Not Include: Perishable food, opened food.