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Crum Woods Stewardship

crum woods

Department Overview

Exploring the Crum Woods

The Crum Woods encompasses 220 acres of mostly forested land straddling the Crum Creek in Swarthmore, PA. Most of this land is adjacent to the developed portion of the Swarthmore College campus. The woods contain walking trails and provide recreational opportunities for the Swarthmore College community as well as visitors to the campus. In addition to recreational uses, the woods are an integral part of 35 courses in 12 academic departments.

student research in crum woods

José-Luis Machado, Associate Professor of Ecology, and students discuss a research project in the Crum Woods. 

flower in crum woods

Trillium erectum, one of the trilliums native to Pennsylvania, blooms during the spring of 2014. Photo by Becky Robert.

two students in row boat on crum creek

Each spring, students assist with cleaning up the Crum Creek. Photo by Becky Robert. 

crum woods tree planting day

Scott Arboretum volunteers plant trees to reforest the Crum Woods. Photo by Josh Coceano.

crum woods stream

The Crum Woods offer shade and a peaceful retreat for visitors in the summer. Photo by Becky Robert.

flowers in crum woods

Another Pennsylvania native, Trillium grandiflorum, graces the banks of the Crum Creek during the spring. Photo by Becky Robert.

crum woods in the fall

Fall is a beautiful time in the Crum Woods, when the colorful foliage reflects in the Crum Creek. Photo by Alexis Bacon.

José-Luis Machado, Associate Professor of Ecology, and students discuss a research project in the Crum Woods. 

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Crum Creek Clean-Up

The Scott Arboretum invites you to join staff, volunteers, students, and community members to help beautify the space on Tuesday, April 23 from 9 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Pizza and refreshments will be provided after the event, followed by meadow planting in the afternoon. Call 610-328-8025 to RSVP and meet by the Matchbox entrance to the Crum Woods on the day of the event, which will occur in rain or shine. Please dress appropriately for outdoor work with close-toed shows.

Students walking on Crum Creek to clean up

Crum Woods Trail

The Crum Woods of Swarthmore College is one of the last remaining forested areas in Delaware County, Pa. With roughly 3.5 miles of walking trails extending over more than 200 acres of land. The woods are open to visitors from sunup to sundown; visitors proceed at their own risk.  A Crum Woods Trails map is available.

Alligator Rock in Crum Woods

Campus Sustainability

Preserving the Crum Woods is one of many active environmental initiatives on the Swarthmore Campus.
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