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Wellness Resources

Koi Pond

Photo by Laurence Kesterson

Thinking about climate change can be scary and solastalgia is real! This guide provides a brief list of avenues, tools, and readings to help you know that you’re not alone and to work with the stress and anxiety of these times.

If there’s one single message we hope you come away with, it’s that dealing with climate change (and life) is not a journey to take alone. There are a lot of people wrestling with climate change, its intersections, and its impacts both in and out of Swarthmore. 

We’re not mental health professionals, so please don’t hesitate to touch base to CAPS, other campus resources, and any other mental health services you may have access to.

That said, we are always available to chat. Reach out to or directly to any of us in the Office of Sustainability. Additionally, we’ve included some resources below for personal exploration. 

Resources and Readings

Meditation is a great way to center yourself, to practice becoming not quite-so caught-up in negative feelings, and to learn to respond to yourself and the world in a more compassionate way. Here are a few resources helpful for beginners and more experienced practitioners alike:

Additional activities to clear your head might include:

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