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Food Systems Working Group

The recently launched Food Systems Working Group (FSWG) works to improve Swarthmore's food system by focusing on food-growing on Swarthmore's campus, as well as food ordered, eaten, and catered with a focus on sustainability, nutrition, environmental justice, and responsible purchasing practices. FSWG will make recommendations to the Ecosphere, reporting to the Executive Committee and President's staff to inform short, medium, and long-term vision and goals for the development of curricular and co-curricular educational opportunities related to sustainable and just food systems at Swarthmore.

2022-2023 Members
  • Earnest Cherry, Swarthmore Dining
  • Anthony Coschignano, Campus Services 
  • Elizabeth Drake, Sustainability
  • Carr Everbach, Engineering, and Environmental Studies
  • Andrew Feick, Facilities and Capital Planning 
  • Richard Green, Swarthmore Dining
  • Rhonda Hilt, Biology 
  • Clare Hyre, Sustainability 
  • Jeff Jabco, Grounds
  • Sue MacQueen, Scott Arboretum
  • Jennifer Pfluger, Environmental Studies 
  • Sophia Schlenz '24, Senior Presdient Sustainability Research Fellow for Campus Food Systems 
  • Timothy Smith, Swarthmore Dining
  • Maya Tipton '24, Senior President Sustainability Research Fellow for Campus Food Systems
  • Tiffany Thompson, Inclusive Excellence, Women's Resource Center, and Gender & Sexuality Initiatives

You can find out more about the College's food systems work on our topic page here