Free Store and 2018 Move-Out

Worthmore Free Store

The Worthmore Free Store provides access to room furnishings and other supplies for students who may otherwise face cost or transport barriers in obtaining such items. Complementing this environmental and social mission, Worthmore aims to reduce waste by fostering a culture of reuse and preventing unnecessary purchases. As a “free” store (where all items cost $0), Worthmore is an alternative economic practice that challenges students to think creatively about resource sharing. It is located in Willets basement.


Worthmore Move-Out

Students leave a lot of stuff behind when they move out of res halls at the end of the academic year. In 2017, Worthmore collected over 4,700 hangers, 100 lamps, 80 trash cans, and 60 fans. In order to prevent these items from being thrown in dumpsters (and incinerated at the Covanta incinerator in nearby Chester, PA), Green Advisors and Worthmore student workers collect donated items from designated res hall lounges across campus.

Donations are then sorted into two categories. Items that are frequently needed by students (e.g. hampers, textbooks, lamps) will be brought to the Worthmore Free Store. Other items will be donated to charities through our off-campus hauler, GreenDrop.

Your efforts to transport and sort your own items in res hall lounges show respect for the time, effort, and safety of our EVS staff, Worthmore student workers, and GAs. Click here to learn more about the donation drop-off locations.