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Requests for Funding

Looking for funding for an innovative project or event? The Office of Sustainability has funding available to support students!

NEW 2024 Earth Month Event Funding

The Office of Sustainability has limited funding available for students planning events related to Earth Day celebrations! If you are interested, please carefully review the request process and eligibility criteria below. You can find the 2024 Earth Month Event Funding request form here.

Request process:

  • The maximum amount of funding is $250 per event. A budget description will be required.
  • To be considered, requests must be submitted AT LEAST 15 days prior to the event date.  We recommend applying as soon as you have your event details and have outlined a budget.
  • Funding is based on availability and is not guaranteed upon request.
  • Funding will be dispersed via direct purchases by our office or through reimbursements. We do not recommend making any purchasing or payments before receiving a response regarding your request. Funding that is awarded but not used will remain in the Office of Sustainability management so that we are able to fulfill more requests.

Eligibility criteria:

  • Funding is intended for one-time events related to Earth Day celebrations in or near the month of April. The event must be planned and organized by or in partnership with a student organization(s), academic department(s), or campus office(s) within the Swarthmore College community.
  • Funding is intended to support new or unique opportunities for the campus community. (I.e. Is another group hosting the same or similar event already? How does this event provide something additional or unique?)
  • Funds cannot be used in any way that violates relevant laws and regulations or College policies and practices.
  • Funding cannot be awarded for events completed prior to funding request.
  • The event should align with the mission of the Office of Sustainability to support and inspire the College community to integrate sustainability into all aspects of campus life: teaching, learning, operations, and culture.

We encourage groups to email us ( with questions or to set up a time to review your request in person before submitting. The Office of Sustainability will review requests in the order they are received and will notify you as soon as possible if your request is eligible for funding based on available funds.

Amplify Grant

The Amplify Grant builds upon the President’s Climate Commitment Fund’s (PCCF) mission to foster greater responsibility and leadership in addressing the ongoing climate crisis. Through this pilot program, students, faculty, and staff can apply for up to $5,000 of funding toward projects that seek to address climate change-related issues and inspire a larger culture shift on campus of actively engaging in climate action within the College and beyond. Projects can be led by individuals or teams and focus on a wide range of climate-related topics, and should demonstrate an innovative approach and measurable impact.

Learn more and apply here!

General Funding Request

To apply, the student or student group should create a funding proposal including: 

  • Justification for how the funds would support enrichment within the sustainability space.
  • A budget of how the funds are to be spent, including line items for event fees, travel, food expenses, required supplies, etc.
  • For groups: The names and email addresses  for all students attending the program. lf you are unable to provide names, please provide an approximate headcount. If approved for funding, you will be asked to provide the names and email addresses of attendees as soon as they become available.

If you or your group receives funding through the Office of Sustainability to attend an off-campus event, each attendee is expected to complete the Off-Campus Sustainability Program Reflection Form within seven days of attending the program. If you do not fill out this reflection form, we may be less likely to approve future funding requests from you or your organization. 


If you have questions about this process, please email the Office of Sustainability or make an appointment with any of the members of our staff. Please note that the funds are limited and may be granted at a portion of the total requested, so we encourage students or groups with large requests to submit proposals promptly. 

The funding proposal must be emailed to the Office of Sustainability ( a minimum of two weeks before the funding is required. Also, please note that you may be asked to meet with one of our staff members to review the funding proposal.