Our Ecosphere

Ecosphere Committee Governance Structure

The Ecosphere committee governance structure includes several levels of operation. ​At the highest level is the President’s Staff, which the Ecosphere Executive Committee reports to. The Executive Committee is comprised of members of the President’s Staff and chairs of secondary committees. These secondary committees report directly to the Executive Committee and are populated by appointed students, faculty, staff, and alumni.

The committee governance structure also hosts a number of formalized working groups that report to the appropriate secondary committee. Current working groups are focused on food initiatives, sustainability tracking and assessment, campus waste systems, landscape management, and other areas. Working groups are open to all interested members of the Swarthmore community.

Finally, all members of the Sustainability & Climate Executive Committee, the three secondary committees (Carbon Charge; Sustainability; Crum Woods Stewardship), and the working groups attend gatherings of the Sustainability Leadership Circle several times a year to unite in shared sessions.



President's Staff

Makes decisions on issues requiring presidential or Board support

Oversees the Sustainability and Climate Executive Committee

Sustainability and Climate Executive Committee

Reports to the President's Staff

Makes most approvals

Carbon Charge Committee

Oversees greenhouse gas reduction strategies for the College

Decides governing processes for the Carbon Charge

Allocates funding generated by the Carbon Charge.

Sustainability Committee

Identifies policies and practices that promote the most efficient and responsible use of College resources

Monitors funds and grants pertaining to environmental sustainability; and

Coordinates and supports campus sustainability initiatives and efforts.

Crum Woods Stewardship Committee

Protects, restores, and provides stewardship for the Crum Woods

Maximizes the pedagogical, recreational, and recuperative value of the Woods

Working Groups Lead progress on specific topics
Sustainability Leadership Circle Renews shared vision of the full governance structure


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