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Student & Community Groups

Students walking down Magill Walk

From climate activism to farming, food justice to bird-watching, many Swarthmore student groups are engaged in exploring what it means to be sustainable, regenerative, and connected to our surroundings. Scroll down to explore the variety of sustainability-related groups at Swarthmore- you’re one step closer to lifelong friendships and meaningful environmental action. 

Please contact Clare Hyre about updating your group’s description or adding a new group to the list. 

Bird Club

The Bird Club is devoted to the recreational observation of wild birds, primarily in the Crum Woods. Other planned activities include guest speakers and field trips outside the Swarthmore area.

Enjoy, Appreciate, Taste (EAT)

E,A,T (Enjoy, Appreciate, Taste) is a diverse community that promotes the exchange and understanding of different cultures through cooking and eating. We also provide a platform for discussions on the politics, history and science implicated in the production, circulation and consumption of food. With an emphasis on the multiple aspects of food, we also provide a space for students to share and learn from each other's concepts of home through their cooking and dining experiences.


A group of students enjoying what appears to be a meal consisting of Vietnamese vermicelli noodles and some leafy greens


Garnet Go Green (G3)

Student-athletes, coaches, and staff from the Swarthmore College Department of Athletics are working together to reduce the environmental impact of the Garnet athletics programs. The purpose of the Garnet Go Green initiative is to ensure that the Swarthmore College Department of Athletics is doing its part to become more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Swarthmore student athletes manning a table that is providing drinking water with compostable cups. A recycling bin next to a waste bin can be seen on the right, and a poster with the words "Go Green" is taped to the table.


The Good Food Project

The Good Food Project is a small and humble yet world-changing attempt to recover what too many of us have forgotten: our responsibility to the land. It is our attempt to show love, gratitude, and respect for the land by remembering who feeds us. In our student-run garden, we laugh, play, learn, and grieve together, creating and strengthening relationships with old and new friends, human and non-human. It's "co" in the best way possible.

good food garden



"Outsiders" Outing Club is dedicated to giving Swarthmore students across all class years and experience levels the opportunity to explore the outdoors through a wide array of activities, including climbing, hiking and backpacking.



Serenity Soular

Serenity Soular is an initiative of Sustainable Serenity, a coalition of groups and individuals concerned with the preservation and sustainability of North Philadelphia in the face of decades of disinvestment.  Sustainable Serenity is a think tank~act tank rooted in North Philadelphia, and involves allies from the broader Philadelphia region, including institutions of higher education, local churches, and nonprofit organizations.  Given the compounding threats of gentrification, food deserts, violence, vacancy, joblessness, homelessness, substance abuse, housing deterioration, incarceration, and climate change, it is critical we collaborate.

Serenity Soular identifies has the following goals: 

  • Make solar affordable for low-income households
  • Train North Philadelphia residents for solar jobs
  • Grow new solar jobs in North Philadelphia

Website, Facebook

A group of students and Serenity House members, all wearing white T-shirts with the Serenity Soular logo,  pose for a picture on a balcony.


We are Swarthmore's Sunrise chapter. Sunrise is a movement to stop climate change and create millions of good jobs in the process. We're building an army of young people to make climate change an urgent priority across America, end the corrupting influence of fossil fuel executives on our politics, and elect leaders who stand up for the health and wellbeing of all people.


A group of Swarthmore students holding posters calling for divestment from fossil fuels

Swat Put A Price On It

We are the Swarthmore chapter of the #PutAPriceOnIt campaign. We support Swarthmore innovative Carbon Charge program and advocate for carbon pricing legislation locally and nationally.

SZW (Sync up for Zero Waste)

We are the Ecosphere's newest group and will be working to further engage students in Swarthmore's commitment to becoming a Zero Waste campus!


Sync up for Zero Waste