Image of the Bio Stream located behind McCabe Library, as seen looking uphill towards Mccabe library when standing with Willets dorm to the right. This image shows a dry "stream" composed of rocks and pebbles snaking around.Green bushes with pale blue inflorescences line the Bio Stream. Daffodil-like plants, some with blue flowers, some with yellow, grow in the middle of the stream. Stone wall of Mccabe library is visible in the background, partially obscured by lush trees and bushes in the middle ground.
The Biostream behind McCabe Library manages storm water creatively and responsibly.

Swarthmore endeavors to operate the college as sustainably as possible. Energy demand has been reduced over the past several years, and the College continues to make conscientious choices concerning energy supply. We buy food from local producers, which not only cuts emissions by not transporting food over long distances but also supports local farmers. The College diverts waste by recycling and composting and is currently developing a comprehensive waste management plan.

The 220 acre Crum Woods surrounding the campus and the Arboretum inspires community members and visitors alike. Care is taken to protect the Woods, which provide not only recreational opportunities but also serve as research sites for classes. In line with the green aesthetics of the campus, we also have green roofs where public tours are held periodically. Other buildings exhibit features such as the Stormwater Stairs or a biostream, which showcase the attributes of sustainability, beauty and practicality. 

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