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Image of the Bio Stream located behind McCabe Library, as seen looking uphill towards Mccabe library when standing with Willets dorm to the right. This image shows a dry "stream" composed of rocks and pebbles snaking around.Green bushes with pale blue inflorescences line the Bio Stream. Daffodil-like plants, some with blue flowers, some with yellow, grow in the middle of the stream. Stone wall of Mccabe library is visible in the background, partially obscured by lush trees and bushes in the middle ground.
The Biostream behind McCabe Library manages storm water creatively and responsibly.

Making a community as diverse and dynamic as Swarthmore operate sustainably involves collaboration among many people on many aspects of life on campus.​

Our initiatives are wide ranging and include reducing our energy usage, buying food from local producers, managing waste through recycling and composting, incorporating green building features like green roofs and stormwater stairs into new construction, and preserving, protecting, and educating on the 220 acre Crum Woods that surrounds campus.​

Explore this section of our site to learn more about each of these initiatives.