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Zero Waste Working Group

The Zero Waste Working Group oversees the College's zero waste goals and manages the many, complex aspects of campus waste systems.

You can find out much more about the College's zero waste efforts on our topic page here. You can also email us at

2019-2020 Members
  • Patti Braun, Purchasing
  • Anthony Coschignano, Auxiliary Services
  • Alex Danovitch, Zero Waste Consultant
  • Tyrone Dunston, EVS
  • Andy Feick, Facilities
  • Chris Kane, Purchasing
  • Susan Kelly, Swarthmore Borough
  • Stephen Lockard, EVS
  • Chip Proctor, EVS
  • Alex Sastre, Communications
  • Susan Smythe, Facilities
  • Melissa Tier ’14, Sustainability
  • Aaron Urquidez '22, Student
  • Aurora Winslade, Sustainability
  • Terrence Xiao ’20, Student