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Green Advisors

foster behavioral and structural change by raising campus environmental conscientiousness.

The Green Advisors (GAs) are student workers of the Office of Sustainability who work to encourage sustainable and socially-just lifestyles among all Swarthmore community members. The GAs support environmental justice & climate crisis education/action, work to reduce campus waste generation in close partnership with Environmental Services, oversee the campus composting system, serve as liaisons to the Sustainability Advocates program, and much more. The GA program supports a multitude of approaches to environmental issues, and encourages dialog within and beyond the program to understand these differing perspectives.

About the GA Program

Green Advisors (GAs) serve four primary roles:

  • RESIDENTIAL PEER LEADERS: provide sustainability support to their peers, host study breaks in their assigned residence halls, partner with their 'ResTeams' (DPAs, RAs, SAMs), and oversee move-in/move-out waste management.
  • ENVIRONMENTAL JUSTICE EXPERTS: lead education and action on environmental justice issues, particularly related to waste management; create a culture of resource consciousness & waste reduction; manage the campus-wide compost system in close partnership with EVS techs.
  • SUSTAINABILITY ADVOCATES LIAISONS: pair with representatives from academic departments or staff offices through the Sustainability Advocates program to implement zero waste, carbon reduction, and community engagement projects.
  • CREATIVE PARTNERS: explore imaginative projects & collaborations across campus and in local communities to foster more just societies, especially in the face of the urgent climate crisis.
2021-2022 Green Advisors

Student Coordinators: Kyra Hall ‘22, Alicia Contrera '22, Daniela Kim '23

The Team:   Susannah Broun '22, Sarah Chang '22, Cynthia (Ruimin) Shi ‘23, Hulices Murillo ‘23, Nora Sweeney '24, Susan McHarris '24, Gregory Boatman '23, Anastasia Erley '24, Joseph Radek '24, Alexandra Simon '24, Karinna Papke '22, Hoang (Tommy) Vu '24,  Shu Yi Chen '24, Justin Chai '24, Ryan Jin '24

GA Program Director: Clare Hyre, Sustainability Program Manager (



GA "Tribute" Video

Watch the 2017-2018 Green Advisor cohort describe why they enjoy their internship role and especially why they love composting!

Green Advisor Final Presentations, Spring 2020

Each year the Green Advisors partner with community Sustainability Advocates on group projects. Check out the video to get a sense of these projects! You can also learn more about the Sustainability Advocates program here.

Zero Waste

The Green Advisors aim to reduce the College's waste and, when waste is produced, to divert as much of it as possible away from the Covanta incinerator located in Chester.

A key task for the GAs is to manage the College's compost system. GAs sort contamination out of campus compost before it is picked up by our hauler, Kitchen Harvest

Help our community to develop more environmentally just practices by reducing your waste whenever you can, and by learning how to compost & recycle!